In 2009, I set out to write a novel, a character study about a talented individual who grew from bullied youth to Canada's youngest test pilot. It turned into a heart-tugging love story. Now with four novels written, each is significantly different from the rest, yet, emotion is a key ingredient in them all. Take a peek ...

Two Loves Lost Two Loves Found Pizza Dough King Murder On Salt Spring

Have you read any of these?


If not, try one. With few exceptions, readers enjoy them. If you favor a cozy mystery set on a small island in the 1950's, try "Murder - On Salt Spring?". The major chapters in a man's life told in his own words? Then, "The Pizza Dough King". Characters you will love and pull for as they struggle against hardships? "Two Loves Lost". (Read it first, before the sequel, "Two Loves Found".)


But what if you have read one or more or all of them?


You are my sales team! I hereby appoint you Vice President, Sales. Unfortunately, I can't afford to supply you with a marketing budget, however, you have an immense power to help. Does a story merit recommendation to an acquaintance? If so, please mention it to them.


Most stories reach a widening audience, not by advertising but by word of mouth...your mouth.

Thank you, my friends.